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This website is intended as a source for practical information on the Romanian legal system and legal procedures, aiming at giving you an overview of steps and ways of solving specific legal tasks and issues in Romania. Our goal is to get you acquainted with the system and how it works, in order to be prepared and pay the required attention to certain issues in your legal endeavors regarding Romania.

Areas covered include but are not limited to: Company and Business Law in Romania, Family Law, Labor and Employment Law, Private Law as well as IT, Internet, Privacy and Computer security related legal issues.

Please feel free to suggest topics you would like to read about here through our Ask a Lawyer page and also please do not forget to read our Disclaimer and consult your lawyer prior to using in justice any of the advice contained in this website.




Gânj & Driga is an informal association of two fully qualified Romanian lawyers from Iaşi who decided to share their expertise and work together on a project basis for selected corporate clients.

Physical presence at all times in both the capital city of Bucharest and in Iasi – the second largest city of Romania witnessing a boom in IT investment & development – adds to the quality of our professional services which is structured on a three-tiered approach to clients’ needs:

I. Professional legal counselling forms the basis of our practice as we advise our clients on a variety of topics ranging from business start-up legal requirements to corporate governance and regulatory, real estate development, banking, information technologies, computer crime & computer fraud, media and advertising.

II. Our legal assistance work builds on drafting coporate bye-laws and agreements, commercial contracts with an assesment of foreseeable damages or loss results, protective clauses (confidentiality and loyalty, non-disclosure agreements, legal disclaimers), assistance in hiring and termination of employment, instruments of payment and related incidents, legal correspondence and communication.

III. When litigation becomes necessary or unavoidable we represent our clients before any court of law in order to preserve and secure their legitimate interests through innovative and always result-oriented tactics.

Working languages are English and Romanian.



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